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How Much Does Smoking Really Cost You?

Have you ever wondered about how much you spend on smoking and/or tobacco use? Finding out about how much tobacco costs you both in dollars and life lost can be one way to motivate yourself to quit! Use this information to help you to make a life change!

Amount Saved


$4 Laundry

Wash & Dry

$28 Season

NJ Beach Tag

$120 1-Year

Amazon Prime



$8 A Cup

Of Coffee A Day

$56 Monthly

1-Zone Bus Pass


Gym Membership


Vacation for 2


A Movie Ticket


A Massage

$480 New Smart Phone


Community College



What Will I Feel When I Quit?


Having a quit plan in place with the support of a Quit Coach and nicotine replacement medications can help you manage your symptoms.

Once you quit,

your body begins to heal in minutes!


If You Have Medicaid/Family Care


NJ Family Care covers all approved cessation medications with a prescription from your doctor and eliminates the need for prior authorization.

If you have private insurance, check with your carrier for nicotine replacement therapy coverage.

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