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4 Steps To Quit Smoking/Vaping

1. Set A Quit Date

Commit to quitting by scheduling your tobacco-free journey.


Give yourself enough time to build confidence and skills to quit.

Set a date within the next two weeks.


Then announce your quit date to your friends and family and gather a support team.

You will need their support.


In the meantime, write down your reasons to quit to help motivate you,

and begin changing your routine. Try these tips before you quit.

Step One

2. Track Your Triggers

When you decide to quit smoking, one of the best things that you can do is plan ahead for difficult situations. You want to give yourself the best chance of succeeding. 

Knowing your triggers is important when successfully quitting smoking/vaping. Identify what causes you to use tobacco and replace it with something new:


Switch to tea


Switch to virgin drinks or avoid alcohol and bars altogether



Brush your teeth right after you eat.  Wash your dishes by hand after meals. Eat at tobacco-free restaurants. Go for a walk.


Keep your mouth busy by sucking on a lollipop, mint, or try chewing on a toothpick or gum. Changing your driving route may also keep your mind busy. Keep cigarettes in the trunk of your car.


Changing your routine by showering, eating a healthy breakfast and brushing your teeth before to prolong yourself from using tobacco.


Find an activity you can all do together to avoid arguing. 

Play a board game, bake cookies,

go to the park, etc.


Break the pattern smoking by doing something different afterward, like taking a shower or having a snack, or removing all ashtrays from your home


Try a healthy stress reduction technique like deep breathing.  Use a stress ball to keep your hands busy. Go for a short walk to clear your mind.


Let other smokers know that you have quit or are working on quitting. Avoid smoking areas. Chew on a piece of gum or have hard candy available.



Leave your cigarettes behind so you do not have them to smoke. 

If possible, avoid certain smoking locations.

Friends in Fast Food Restaurant
Happy Kids Restaurant
Stressed Woman


Celebrate without a cigarette. Take the money you save and buy yourself something you’ve been wanting or go out for a fun activity.


Try deep breathing exercises to focus on breathing and not the trigger. Put on headphones and listen to relaxing music, again to distract from the trigger.


Don’t have cigarettes in the bedroom, house or car. Change the morning routine.



Call a friend, listen to favorite music, use a coloring book or coloring app.


Bring something to read during lunch & breaks, instead of going outside to smoke. If you do go out, bring a water bottle, candy, etc. to have in your hand and mouth, instead of a cigarette.



Use your relaxing strategies.

Write down your concerns and read later, to try to resolve.



Have a “good to” game on the phone or computer. Take a walk and breathe deep.



Add up how much money you would save without buying cigarettes and plan to use that extra money to pay off bills or buy something you would like.

When in doubt try the 5D’s

Delay lighting up a cigarette



Drink lots of water

Do something else

Discuss with a friend/family member

Step Two
Step Three

3. Plan For Your Quit Day & Afterwards

Once you identify your triggers, decide what you will need to cope with your withdrawal.


Withdrawal symptoms are usually the hardest part of quitting and can last for several weeks.


Avoid relapse and consider talking to your doctor about using any of the 7 FDA approved medications/nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to quit smoking.


Your health insurance may cover these medications/nicotine replacement therapy and NJ Family Care (Medicaid) covers them with your doctor’s prescription.


New Jersey Quitline callers may qualify for two weeks’ worth of nicotine patches.

Step Four

4. Finally, Become Tobacco-Free

Each day you go without smoking/vaping is a milestone.


Take a moment to notice all the extra time you’ll have to yourself or to spend with your friends and family as well the health benefits of quitting. You may also notice your wallet is fuller or bank account is growing from all the money you’re saving from not smoking/vaping.


While the process won’t be easy, it will be well worth it. Notice each and every achievement and reward yourself and relax at the beach or spa, or go out to your favorite restaurant, you deserve it!

For more support call the New Jersey Quiltine or connect with other cessation services.

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