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State Quit Services

Operated by Optum, State Quit Services is a clinically proven program for helping people end their dependence on nicotine. The approach to behavior change draws on more than 35 years of experience and is in line with the Surgeon General’s 2020 report on tobacco cessation.

Clinically Proven Approach To Overcoming Nicotine


State Quit Services is an evidence-based program that uses clinical research and data to help drive better cessation outcomes. Quitting tobacco* is hard, and there is more than one way to quit successfully. Quit Services offers multiple methods of coaching and support to help increase the chances of success. The approach is validated by the Surgeon General’s 2020 report.


Despite a recent decline, tobacco use is still a problem and remains the leading cause of preventable disease in the U.S.

While 70 percent of tobacco users want to quit, it’s difficult on their own. Evidence-based programs may double or triple their chances of success. Quitting can be more challenging for vulnerable populations — such as youth, those with behavioral health conditions or those expecting. We provide specialized support for people who are having a hard time quitting and may need additional help.


State Quit Services offers tailored support based on a tobacco users Quit Plan, tobacco type, Quit Date, motivation and confidence to quit.

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Model for Success

State Quit Services offers multiple modes of support aligned to a tobacco user’s status, quit date, tobacco type, health conditions and confidence.

Live coaching is combined with a comprehensive, connected digital experience that provides a clear step-by-step path to helping people become and remain tobacco and nicotine free. There are multiple ways to interact, putting an emphasis on member choice.


Get ready to live tobacco free

We'll show you how


The New Jersey Quitline (NJQL) is a free telephone program dedicated to help NJ Residents quit using tobacco products. The NJQL has 30 years of experience of providing behavior change support and helps over 1,000 lives per day. This website includes resources and tools to support your decision to quit tobacco. You do not have to quit alone. Call or click today to find out how easy it is to talk with a quit coach.

English and Spanish Quit Coaches are available and interpreters for additional languages can be arranged.

New Jersey Quit Smoking Quit Vaping NJQuitline

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What is Quitline
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Live Quit Coaches are available:

Mon -Fri 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Sat 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sun 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Any other time, leave a message and you will get a call back.

Web enroll is available 24/7.

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